Jim Colbert

A personalized approach to your design, advertising, and illustration needs.

I've been doing this since 1982, when I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I've been a layout artist, a graphic designer, a senior designer, an art director, an illustrator and a copywriter for agencies and studios in Central Pennsylvania. Won awards. Played well with others. Learned a lot about what a good work ethic, talent and creativity will do.

I primarily teach graphic design now, and concentrate on working with like-minded clients I'm in synch with, including a host of performing artists, festivals, arts organizations, publishing companies, magazines and performing arts venues.

I don't profess to be a large agency. I don't throw in vague references to "our team of seasoned professionals" or phrases implying something I'm not.


When you choose jimcolbertdesign, you deal directly with me. No subterfuge. My name is on the site, my name is on the invoice. And I'd like to see my name on the inside of your next CD, right after "CD design by:"

Let's talk.


Specializing in music-related graphic design.

A personalized approach.

Professional results.

Realistic pricing.

Happy, repeat customers.

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